I spent the last two days of February making index cards to organize scenes and songs. These cards will shift and change over time, but my goal now is to put it on paper.


In case you’re wondering, the program I’m using is called Celtx. It’s a free program that I downloaded a few years ago when I was writing a play called “Two Weeks Notice.”* One thing that I hate about writing things that aren’t novels or short stories is that I’m never sure what the proper formatting should be, and Celtx takes away all of that uncertainty by automatically formatting whatever I’m working on to the proper style. It has templates for not only stage productions, but also film, radio plays, and comic books. And as you can see above, it also has index cards that can be color coded to keep all your stories and plots straight, as well as automatically formats cover pages, cast lists, and will even save it in a PDF in the proper format for distribution. I highly recommend it.

My plan for writing is this: The outline I made for myself is to have the majority of the book written by July, which includes all dialogue and lyrics. Then from August to November, I would be working on the music portion of it all.

Breaking that down even further: I’m going to try and write for at least one hour each day (shooting for doing it in the morning), which will hopefully knock out an index card or two. If I stay on this track and am on an incredible role — knocking out two index cards a day — I could have this thing written in a month. However, knowing me, the end of July is a pretty great estimation.

Why do I say this? Because today is day one of writing, and I’ve spent most of my morning writing this blog post instead of my script.

Anyone else taking on a writing project? What is your plan of action? What do you hope to accomplish with this project?


* Don’t ask about this play. It needs some major rewriting, and it’s meant to be a comedy, but with some distance, I don’t find it as funny as I used to.


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