Periodically throughout the process, I will be watching and analyzing different musicals from throughout the history of musical theater, from the Golden Age of the 1940s-1950s though the modern era. The reason I’m analyzing these musicals is to continue to help me understand the basic form and structure of musicals, since I wasn’t particularly interested in them before now. When possible, I try to find the stage version of the musical over a movie or film version, just because the stage version more closely resembles what I want to do with mine.

The following information will be included in all analyses:

WRITERS (Book, Lyrics, Music)
YEAR (First produced)
STARS (In case you want to watch the same version I’m watching)

THEME/STORY: One sentence summaries of the major story arc and/or the overall theme or idea of the musical

IMPORTANT SONGS: Not necessarily the “hit” songs, or even the “best” songs, but the songs that are most relevant to the major story arc

WHAT I LIKE/DON’T LIKE: This part is purely subjective. I may end up not liking something that you like, and I may end up liking something you think is terrible. But this part is to help me identify what I want in my own show versus what I think I can do without.